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Repeat Sales Values

Sales Trends, the Artist's Resale Right, and the Saskatchewan Art Market

by NAC contributor Jess Boyachek

The Artist’s Resale Right guarantees artists a share in the profits...

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Roger Ing's Utopia

by NAC contributor Judith Silverthorne

The name Roger Ing could be considered synonymous with the word phenomenon, albeit in some circles of the art world he’s...

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Open Hearted

The Photography of Thelma Pepper

by NAC contributor Jess Boyachek

For Saskatoon-based photographer Thelma Pepper, to discuss her portraits is to discuss her subjects: primarily older people, and...

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Thelma Pepper - In Her Own Words

Fall 2011

by NAC contributor Jess Boyachek

Saskatoon-based photographer Thelma Pepper shares her thoughts on her career, photography techniques, and body of work as her...

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