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Marsha DeLouchery
Hussar Pattern Tunic - 2010 - by Marsha DeLouchery

Marsha DeLouchery

Marsha DeLouchery was born in 1950 in Berwick, Nova Scotia. She studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (1968-1972), under artists such as Roy Kiyooka, Walter Ostrom and Bruce Parsons. DeLouchery then moved west and attended a summer workshop at Emma Lake Saskatchewan, where she studied with Mina Forsyth and again with Roy Kiyooka.

In 1974, DeLouchery moved to Weyburn, Saskatchewan, where she worked for the city as Arts and Crafts Director (1979-1986). Other training that DeLouchery has participated in includes a 1975 silkscreen class at Ottawa's Algonquin College and a 1981 workshop at the Banff School of Fine Arts.

DeLouchery's paintings have been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Saskatchewan and across Canada. Her work is represented in collections including the Saskatchewan Arts Board, Mendel Art Gallery (Saskatoon), Saskatchewan House (London, England), Dunlop Art Gallery (Regina), Department of External Affairs (Ottawa), MacKenzie Art Gallery (Regina), the City of Weyburn, and Saskatchewan Sport.

Marsha DeLouchery died in 2016, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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Marsha DeLouchery

  • Born: 1950. Berwick, NS
  • Died: 2016. Saskatoon, SK
  • Mediums: Acrylic, Printmaking

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