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Margreet van Walsem

Margreet van Walsem

Margreet van Walsem was born in 1923 in Holland. She studied theology at the University of Leyden before coming to Canada in 1955 and to Saskatchewan in 1961. Starting her artistic career later in life, van Walsem learned Navajo weaving from Anton Scerbinc of Castlegar. She soon received a commission from the Centre of the Arts (Regina).

After moving to Prince Albert, van Walsem saw the need for a supportive arts community there. She became an important part of this community, teaching spinning, dyeing, and weaving, sharing her love for batik, and sharing a studio in the basement of the Prince Albert Daily Herald with other artists, including Agenetha Dyck, Andree Martinson, George Glenn, and Connie Freedy.

Van Walsem attended Emma Lake summer art school in 1977, an experience that provided inspiration for a number of tempera paintings. These works were part of a two-person show with John Penner at Prince Albert Arts Centre's Little Gallery in 1978.

Margreet Van Walsem passed away in 1979. The following year, the Little Gallery (Prince Albert) held an exhibition of her work.

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Margreet van Walsem

  • Born: 1923.
  • Died: 1979. Prince Albert, SK
  • Mediums: Oil Painting, Textiles

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