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Grace Hogg

Grace Hogg

Grace Hogg was born in Oxbow, Saskatchewan in 1900. She spent most of her life in Saskatoon, studying at the Saskatoon Normal School under Elizabeth Rankin, at the Saskatoon Technical School under Ernest Lindner (1942-1943), and at the University of Saskatchewan under Augustus Kenderdine, Eli Bornstein, and Nikola Bjelajac (1944-1956). Hogg also attended a workshop at Emma Lake, Saskatchewan with Kenneth Noland in 1963.

During her artistic career, which included producing serigraphs as well as watercolour paintings, Hogg also taught at Victoria Public School in Saskatoon for ten years (1925-1935).

Hogg's work is represented in several major collections, including the National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa), Mendel Art Gallery (Saskatoon), and the Saskatchewan Arts Board.

Grace Hogg died in 1989 in Saskatoon.

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Grace Hogg

  • Born: 1900. Oxbow, SK
  • Died: 1989. Saskatoon, SK
  • Mediums: Printmaking, Watercolour

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