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George Wood

George Wood

George Wood was born in 1932 in Regina, Saskatchewan. He attended the Alberta College of Art to study painting with Illingworth Kerr, Marion Nicoll, Stanford Perrott, and Luke O. Lindoe (1952-1956), and the University of Manitoba to study sculpture under Cecil Richards (1957-1958). After working as a preparator and curator at Calgary's Glenbow Museum and the Alberta College of Art Gallery (1959-1967), Wood became an instructor of painting, composition, and design at the Alberta College of Art and later, an academic supervisor at the same institution.

Wood continued with both his painting and his sculptural practice. His sculptures incorporate laminated wood, while his oil and acrylic paintings range tend to be interior scenes and representational still lifes. He finds a common theme in all of these: “My work, whether painting or sculpture, has become a vehicle for the revelation of personal myth and through that to the discovery of universal myths.”

Wood's work has been exhibited throughout Canada and in the United States, and is represented in the collections of the Mendel Art Gallery (Saskatoon), Confederation Centre Art Gallery and Museum (Charlottetown), Art Gallery of Sarnia, University of Saskatchewan, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Beaverbrook Art Gallery (Fredericton), Alberta College of Art (Calgary), and McMaster University (Hamilton), among others.

George Wood lives in Calgary, Alberta.

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George Wood

  • Born: 1932. Regina, SK
  • Resides: Calgary, AB
  • Mediums: Oil Painting, Sculpture

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