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Sheila Orr

Sheila Orr

Sheila Orr was born in 1964 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, but grew up in Chisasibi, Quebec. Of Cree, Inuit, and Scottish heritage, Orr began studying at the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College (now First Nations University of Canada) at the University of Regina when she was only 16 years old. Later, she received both a Bachelor of Indian Art degree and a Bachelor of Arts Education.

Orr combines contemporary and traditional styles and techniques in her oil and acrylic painting, beadwork, porcupine quill work, drawing, and installations. She has shown her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Saskatchewan. Common Weal Community Arts comments on the diversity of Orr's work, noting that it “draws on memory, family, humour and community....She moves easily among media - porcupine quills and birds claws, oil and acrylic, condoms and antique lard pails, beads and drumsticks.”

Orr's work is included in the collections of the Saskatchewan Arts Board and the Canada Council Art Bank (Ottawa).

Orr has taught at the First Nations University of Canada and served there as the head of the Department of Fine Arts. She has also worked as an Arts Education Consultant for Saskatchewan Learning.

Sheila Orr lives in Regina.

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Sheila Orr

  • Born: 1964. Prince Albert, SK
  • Resides: Regina, SK
  • Mediums: Drawing, Installations, Oil Painting

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