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Jordan Westre
Nurture - by Jordan Westre

Jordan Westre

Jordan Westre was born in 1991 in Regina, Saskatchewan.

She graduated from Central Collegiate in Moose Jaw, in 2009, and then studied Art History at the University of Victoria (2009-2011).

Westre's study of historical art movements is a major inspiration in her work. Artists who influence Westre's work include Alan Aldridge, Dutch design collective "The Fool," and Jean Giraud, among others.

Westre works in a variety of mediums, including acrylic and watercolour painting, oil and chalk pastels, graphite and coloured pencil, and collage. Themes include nature, the human form, psychedelia and music.

Jordan Westre moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in 2012.

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Jordan Westre

  • Born: 1991. Regina, SK
  • Resides: Vancouver, BC
  • Mediums: Acrylic, Collage, Oil Painting, Pastels, Watercolour
  • Website:

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