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Beatrice Harding
Tranquility - 1974 etching by Beatrice Harding

Beatrice Harding

Beatrice Harding was born on a farm near Morden, Manitoba in May 1913. She worked as a high school teacher at Regina's Central Collegiate in the 1950s. In mid-life she set out to travel the globe with her husband who worked for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). She lived and studied on four continents: in Liberia, West Africa; Guyana, South America; Somalia, East Africa; Philippines and New York from 1961-75.

Upon her return to Regina in the mid-1970s Harding enrolled at the University of Regina, where she became the only senior citizen of her class to earn a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree. Over the following decades she created hundreds of fine art prints in her basement studio and participated in numerous artists' co-ops and held several art showings at such places as Regina's Norman McKenzie Gallery, Assiniboia Gallery, Rosemont Gallery and the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas, Ontario. Beatrice Harding described her own prints as "images, both realistic and abstract, that relate to the environmental spaces around her and to the global images beyond." Beatrice Harding passed away in 2006, in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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Beatrice Harding

  • Born: 1913.
  • Died: 2006. Regina, SK
  • Mediums: Drawing, Printmaking

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