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Artworks Valued at $3 Million Donated to U of R

Artworks Valued at $3 Million Donated to U of R

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The Shumiatchers’ latest gift to the University of Regina is a collection of art valued at up to $3 million. The donated works include about 300 Inuit sculptures and notable paintings by Saskatchewan artists, including by members of the renowned Regina Five.

The entire collection comprises 1,310 pieces collected by Jacqui Shumiatcher and her late husband, Morris Shumiatcher, over several decades.

“With our long involvement with the university, it seemed not only fitting but in lots of ways a relief to know that the art my husband and I collected over the years would be going into a wonderful home,” said Shumiatcher, speaking at the unveiling of the generous donation on September 25th.

A portion of the donated works will go into the U of R’s president’s art collection and will be exhibited regularly on campus for educational purposes. The Inuit pieces will form the U of R’s Shumiatcher Inuit Art Collection and will be stewarded on the university’s behalf by the MacKenzie Art Gallery, in Regina.

The donation continues a trend of contributions from the Shumiatchers to the university of Regina. Previous contributions include the establishment of the “Shu-Box Theatre”, two scholarships and a $250,000 contribution last year to the College Avenue Campus Revitalization Project.

U of R president Vianne Timmons heralded the donation as momentous. “We will steward this art for her and her husband Morris for years to come,” said Timmons. She added that for the collectors to part with that many pieces spanning decades must feel like handing over one’s children.

Anthony Kiendl, MacKenzie Art Gallery executive director, announced that the entire donated collection will be exhibited in the fall of 2015.

“Collections tell the story of the collector, and communicate their personality and interests,” Kiendl said. “It’s rare and great that a basically entire collection is kept in one place. Between the university and the MacKenzie, we’ll be able to share all the work with the people of Saskatchewan and with Canada.”

Photo by U of R Photography Department - Dr. Vianne Timmons (left) with Jacqui Shumiatcher at the announcement of the donation

Article by NAC Contributor Iryn Tushabe

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