Saskatchewan NAC
Beneath the Skyline Beneath the Skyline
monoprint by Amber Dalton
Blanc comme neige Blanc comme neige
Glass sculpture by Jacqueline Berting
Bodegon Vertical #69 Bodegon Vertical #69
acrylic painting by Eladio Garcia de Santibanez
Boreal Nightfall Boreal Nightfall
by Richard Thatcher
Changing Changing
Colours of the Wind Colours of the Wind
limited edition print by Andrew Meredith
Continental Woman Continental Woman
Original wood work by Up Morelli
Control Control
limited edition print by Michelle Brownridge
Creeping Shadows Creeping Shadows
photograph by Jessica DeBack
Cudahy Inspired Self Portrait Cudahy Inspired Self Portrait
by Artist of the Month Bronwyn Schuster
Deconfiguration Female 2.1 Deconfiguration Female 2.1
Chalk Pastel by Kyla Tulloch
Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting