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Featuring Saskatchewan Artist(s): Sam Spencer

1992, 24 pages; 9 b&w, 5 colour illustrations.
Published by Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina

The Dunlop Art Gallery's retrospective exhibition brought together, for the first time, Spencer's remarkable body of work for public presentation.

Sam Spencer's iconic woodcarvings incorporate imagery from popular culture, religious faith and the natural world. During the 1970s, a small number of artists and curators encountered these works in the living room of the artist's Saskatoon home. At the Dunlop the carvings were installed in a room-like setting that resembled the configuration of Sam Spencer's living room. The publication documents this unusual installation. As well, it includes a biographical essay by Suzanne Probe and a critical essay by Michael D. Hall that contextualizes Spencer's production in relation to modernism, popular culture and stereotypes of Canadian identity.

Curator: Suzanne Probe
Essay: Suzanne Probe, Michael D. Hall

ISBN: 0-920085-64-4

NAC Item Number: B0055

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