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Regina's Secret Spaces


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Featuring Saskatchewan Artist(s): Don Hall, Lorne Beug, Jeannie Mah

Regina's Secret Spaces - Love and Lore of Local Geography

2006, Paperback, 206 pages, edited by Lorne Beug, Anne Campbell, & Jeannie Mah, photography by Don Hall 
Published by Canadian Plains Research Centre, University of Regina

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An engaging, illustrated volume highlighting Regina's "secret spaces" and their place in the history and future of the city.

Regina’s Secret Spaces: Love and Lore of Local Geography is an anthology of essays and poems by eighty writers, artists, architects, musicians, patrons of the arts, and cultural theorists who were inspired by and answered the call of editors Lorne Beug, Anne Campbell and Jeannie Mah to share their favourite “Regina secret.” Some submissions were quirky and whimsical, delighting in those things — small, yet significant — which bring joy and connect us to the place we live; others were more serious and more theoretical, examining power structures — both past and present — and how these have shaped and are yet shaping the city. Reflective, engaging and insightful, all express an abiding fondness for the city of Regina.

ISBN: 9780889772007

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