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A Compendium of Canadian Folk Artists


A Compendium of Canadian Folk Artists - Image 1

Featuring Saskatchewan Artist(s): Hugh Alexander, Eugene Dahlstrom, George Dekkers, Eva A. Dennis, Wesley C. Dennis, Cornelius Enns, Ed Fletcher, John Gall, Ann Alexandra Harbuz, Laura Harness, Lena Kostiuk, William Laczko, Molly Lenhardt, Jeanette Lodoen, Maurice Louison, John Mahonin, W.C. McCargar, Fred Moulding, Arnold M. Russell, Sam A. Spencer, Dmytro Stryjek, Jeanne Thomarat, Cornelius Van Ieperen, Gerald Van Lambalgen, Robert Vincent, Jake Wall, Alice Werner, Jan G. Wyers

Used - Soft Cover - 241 pages - 1985

Fair condition. Cover shows some wear; pages 1, 81, 115, 133 have stamps of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute.

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NAC Item Number: UB0106

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