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2006 - Paperback - 128 pages - 11 x 8.5 inches -  written by Vadim Koptievsky

Anyone can draw — that’s what artist and teacher Vadim Koptievsky believes, and he has created a wonderfully easy-to-follow guide that proves his point. With information on tools and materials, and exercises perfectly tailored for at-home learning, he starts beginners off gently and gradually builds their skills and confidence. Pick up a pencil and commence your creative journey by seeing how to arrange a composition, adjust lighting, find a view, and capture proportions and perspective. Move on to charcoal, sanguine and sepia, ink with soft and dry brushes, and pastel still lifes and landscapes. Finally, go deeper and portray the human body in quick sketches and portraits. Throughout, you’ll work with exactly the subjects you choose and that stimulate your imagination.

ISBN 978-1402712616

NAC Item Number: B0066

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