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Kenneth Peters

Kenneth Peters

Kenneth Peters was born in 1939 in Regina, Saskatchewan. He studied at the School of Fine Art at the University of Saskatchewan's Regina Campus (now University of Regina) receiving his diploma in 1960. His art education continued through workshops at Emma Lake, Saskatchewan with John Ferren (1960), Clement Greenberg (1962), Jules Olitski (1964), Lawrence Alloway (1965), Frank Stella (1967), and Michael Steiner (1969).

Peters spent several years as an art instructor in Regina, teaching courses and workshops at the University of Regina (1962-1968). He continued to teach at Heritage College in Hull, Quebec, and then at Concordia University in Montreal.

Peters' interest in colour field painting guided his work, and he described his process as follows: “[M]y evolvement in creating paintings leads to a texture-space-shape-colour relationship in my own work. Therefore, I would state, that my paintings postulate no correspondence with anything but themselves — which they then give what I call a pictorial statement.”

Peters' work has been exhibited across Canada and in the United States and Switzerland, and is represented in several important collections including the Canada Council Art Bank (Ottawa), Dunlop Art Gallery (Regina), MacKenzie Art Gallery (Regina), Saskatchewan Arts Board, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, University of Calgary, and Edmonton Art Gallery.

Kenneth Peters died from cancer in Montreal in 2007. His widow, Brenda Fry, wrote, “For the past 40 years the development of his art was a continuation of his keen interest in the Color Field idea. His constant pursuit of testing and discovering possibilities within the color spectrum of high intensities to create paintings that could give off their own light was his quest. The paintings he left behind are still glowing.”

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Temp Diane Isherwood I have two large paintings by Ken that I am willing to sell.A third will be very hard to say goodbye to down the line.
January 21, 2015 at 7:29 PM

Kenneth Peters

  • Born: 1939. Regina, SK
  • Died: 2007. Montreal, QC
  • Mediums: Drawing, Oil Painting, Pastels

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