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Richard Thatcher
From Atop the Valley - by Richard Thatcher

Richard Thatcher

Richard Thatcher was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in 1946. Thatcher has kept his hand in art making of various kinds while focussing professionally on applied sociology (BA History and Fine Arts, University of Saskatchewan 1967, MA Sociology, U of S 1974, PhD Sociology, University of Alberta, Edmonton 1978) and since semi-retirement has delved more deeply into mixed media abstractions and landscape painting.

Thatcher has participated in workshops in Canada, USA and France. Solo exhibitions include Living Skies Gallery (Lumsden, Saskatchewan, 2016), Government House (Regina, 2017) and Shurniak Art Gallery (Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, 2017).

Richard Thatcher lives and works in Craven, Saskatchewan, approximately 30 kilometers northwest of Regina.

In May 2018 Richard Thatcher was a Saskatchewan NAC Featured Artist, and examples of his artwork are available for purchase through the online NACmarket.

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Richard Thatcher

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