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Samuel Latta

Samuel Latta

Samuel J. Latta was born in London, Ontario, in 1866, and was educated at the University of Western Ontario (formerly Western University of London Ontario) and the Ontario School of Arts. He taught school in Ontario for many years, and wrote the guide 'Latta's Drawing Textbook' which was used in Ontario schools for over fifty years. In 1905 Latta moved to Saskatchewan and settled on a farm near Govan, where he founded the Govan Prairie News, a weekly newspaper. He was a council member for Last Mountain constituency, and in 1912 was elected to the provincial assembly. He served as Minister of Highways and Minister of Education until defeated in a 1929 election. Samuel J. Latta died in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1946.

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Samuel Latta

  • Born: 1866. London, ON
  • Died: 1846. Regina, SK
  • Mediums: Drawing, Watercolour

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