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Featuring Saskatchewan Artist(s): Clifford Wiens, Joseph Pettick

Architiecture of Saskatchewan - A Visual Journey, 1930-2011

2013, Hard Cover with dust jacket, 183 pages, 12.25" x 8.75"written by Bernard Flaman

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From the dirty thirties to the present, architecture in Saskatchewan has witnessed a revolution in design. A place once famous for its sod huts, the province now has buildings that reflect technological change, environmental evolution and a global vernacular.

Covering the Art Deco period to Post-Modernism, to today’s concerns about sustainability and LEED® construction, Architecture of Saskatchewan shows the clash between functionality and beauty, while exposing how the light, colour, and seasons of the prairie are reflected within the construction of its buildings.

Author Bernard Flaman discusses the fashions of the moment and the changes that have occurred by taking us in a tour of the individual buildings. From Prince Albert to Meadow Lake to our largest cities, he reveals something of the soul of these places through vivid descriptions and outstanding photography.

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ISBN: 9780889772502

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