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How to Bid at Online Art Auctions

How Online Auctions Work and Stategies to Win


Whether you’re new to online art auctions, or experienced but looking for new strategies to win the perfect piece for the best price, this article will provide...

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An Introduction to Prints

Learn about different types, markings and more


A print is an artwork on paper often produced in multiples. When speaking of original prints, it is understood that the artist...

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Love at First Sight

A Glimpse at the Shumiatchers as Art Collectors

by NAC contributor Iryn Tushabe, September 2015

Jacqui Shumiatcher’s love for collecting art is matched only by her passion for sharing it. In the 1960s,...

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How to Consign Artwork to Auction

Part of the thrill of owning original art can come from offering the art back to the market -- to make room for new acquisitions, to cash in on an art investment,...

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Norman MacKenzie

A Portrait of the Collector

by NAC contributor Iryn Tushabe

In 2012 Regina’s MacKenzie Art Gallery hosted an...

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The Artist's Resale Right Explained

by NAC contributor Jess Boyachek

The Artist's Resale Right, also known as droit de suite, refers to the right of artists to share in the profits when their...

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Repeat Sales Values

Sales Trends, the Artist's Resale Right, and the Saskatchewan Art Market

by NAC contributor Jess Boyachek

The Artist’s Resale Right guarantees artists a share in the profits...

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