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Temp Lorne Rothman From Toronto Star Weekly, February, 1925: English City Honors Young Toronto Artist Leicester City Art Gallery has bought the painting of F. N. Loveroff, a Toronto artist, bringing fame to this young man of thirty who is now numbered among the six artist our of more than 250 whose work has been chosen from the Wembley Exhibit as best fitted to represent Canadian art in the permanent galleries of England. It is called “Snow on the Hillside”. Source: The Paintings of Frederick Nicholas Loveroff. 1981. Art Exhibition, Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery, University of Regina.
October 18, 2015 at 1:42 PM

Artwork Details

  • Artist: Fred Loveroff
  • Title: Snow on the Hillside
  • Medium: Oil Painting on Canvas
  • Year: 1924
  • Size: 34" x 38"
  • Collection of New Walk Museum & Gallery, Leicester, England

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