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The website for Saskatchewan NAC (Network for Art Collecting) launched in 2012, and we’re still tightening the bolts, so to speak, making improvements. If there's a feature you would like to see, let us know at


At the moment contains a database of over 600 biographies of Saskatchewan visual artists past and present. And we’ve started collecting resources for over 1,000 more. If you are a Saskatchewan artist and would like to be listed, please contact — there's no cost whatsoever.


We also have a database of Saskatchewan commercial and public art galleries, and a database of service providers (framers especially, but also appraisers, and photographers who specialize in documenting artworks, art supplies stores, shippers, etc). And we recently added the index of art and craft guilds and associations in the province.


And expect to see new articles appearing regularly in our resources section, about Saskatchewan visual artists, Saskatchewan art history, and about art collecting in general.


The NACstore will also keep expanding its offerings of new and used books and DVDs with a strong focus on Saskatchewan art.


And the NACmarket is growing quickly, accepting consignments of original art for sale through our online market. To get in touch with us and learn more about consigning art with us, contact

And in 2014 we began offering Saskatchewan Online Art Auctions, with artworks consigned by Saskatchewan art collectors and charities.


Don’t forget to check out the Saskatchewan visual arts news section, and the Upcoming Events listings, for what’s current and on the horizon in visual arts province-wide.


And we like to put Saskatchewan art into unexpected contexts. So expect to start seeing NAC merchandise, featuring Saskatchewan art, at the office and around town: desk calendars, coffee mugs, greeting cards and t-shirts are all in the works. And we'll keep adding to our online quizzes, puzzles and contests in our Fun Stuff section.


And the focus of all this activity — all the building that’s been done and that is yet to come — is the Saskatchewan artists who every day create works of art to be admired, shared and treasured.  That’s what it’s all “about”.



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Building of the NAC website was funded in part with the financial participation of the Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit.


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