Saskatchewan NAC
11th Street 11th Street
by Anahita Moghaddam
13th Ave 13th Ave
by Carolyn Harris
3 Funerals and a Wedding 3 Funerals and a Wedding
by Artist of the Month Terri Lemire
Acceptance Acceptance
by Hillary Ryder
Again Again
limited edition print by Michelle Brownridge
Aleaha Aleaha
Oil Painting by Michael Bromley
Amalgamation Amalgamation
Wool sculpture by Heike Fink
Aqua Royale Aqua Royale
by Richard Thatcher
Assembly Point 2 Assembly Point 2
limited edition photograph by Kris Grunert
Ate Ate
limited edition print by Amber Dalton
Au coin du marche Jean Talon Au coin du marche Jean Talon
Antoinette Herivel - oil on canvas
Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting