Saskatchewan NAC
Little Black Dress Little Black Dress
Painting by Bronwyn Schuster
Living Skies with Weir Living Skies with Weir
painting by Zhao Jinglu
Lizard in my Pocket Lizard in my Pocket
by Artist of the Month Terri Lemire
Looking Forward Looking Forward
Original painting by Kathy Bradshaw
Lounging Lady Lounging Lady
by Jerry Jessop
Lupines Lupines
by Chris Wikman
Magenta Shade Magenta Shade
by Jerry Jessop
Mark 1 Mark 1
by Artist of the Month Ljubica Fa-Hardi
Mark 2 Mark 2
by Artist of the Month Ljubica Fa-Hardi
Men Using Axes Men Using Axes
by Leah Dorion
Mexican Cabbage Mexican Cabbage
by Kathleen Slavin
Mind Open Mind Open
by Hillary Ryder
Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting