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Carrington - A Life


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A biography of the early 20th Century British artist Dora Carrington

Used - Soft Cover - 342 pages - 1992 - 8.9" x 5.8"

A Rare book - Excellent condition - Like new

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Since her suicide in 1932, Carrington's reputation as a painter has grown and this biography presents a sympathetic and surprising portrait of an unusual and talented woman. Although not a member of the Bloomsbury group, she was close to several members of the coterie.


"Gerzina's biography—the first to consider Carrington at length—is an engrossing and well-researched account of the British painter and her era. Carrington was 17 in 1910 when she left her home in provincial Bedford to study in London and, a few years later, she began a longstanding association with the Bloomsbury group. Though seemingly a free spirit, she was fundamentally asexual, making seductive overtures to men yet refusing to make love with them; she clung to these platonic relationships throughout her short life. In her 30s, she engaged in two lesbian love affairs but committed herself emotionally to homosexual Lytton Strachey, living with him from 1916 onward. When the author died of cancer in 1932, she committed suicide. Gerzina . . . offers a welcome addition to the burgeoning literature on the Bloomsburyans." —Publishers Weekly

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