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MacKenzie is new home for Regina’s Preschool Fine Arts Co-op

MacKenzie is new home for Regina’s Preschool Fine Arts Co-op

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The MacKenzie Art Gallery has announced a new partnership which will see it house the Preschool Fine Arts Co-op beginning in September. The preschool was in danger of closing when it lost access to its space at Grant Road School due to increased enrollment at the school. It proved to be extremely difficult to find a suitable space for the parent-run, nonprofit preschool, and the MacKenzie partnership was forged in the nick of time for the preschool’s fall program.

Beginning in September the preschool will resume in one of the MacKenzie Art Gallery’s studios.


“This new partnership is extremely exciting,” said Jeremy Morgan, Executive Director of the MacKenzie Art Gallery. “We look forward to opening our doors to the creative energy of these children and their families.”


“The MacKenzie is a dream space,” said Stephanie Maher-Pekrul, Board President of the Preschool Fine Arts Co-op.


The co-op is an arts-based preschool for 3-5 year olds with an integrated curriculum of visual art, drama, music and creative movement, and is the only program of its kind in Regina.


To learn more about Regina’s Preschool Fine Arts Co-op visit their website.


- image credit: a painting by Cassidy, after study of Renoir's The Parisian.


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