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The Sensuous Textures of Wanting

Hard Cover - 368 pages - 2011 - First Edition - 13.3" x 10.2" x 1.4"

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DESIGN BEHIND DESIRE is a beautifully conceived book about wanting, longing, yearning, generating and fulfilling of a highly sexual and erotic nature and, as an entity within itself, becomes an object of desire as each sensuously laden page is turned. It both demonstrates and embodies desire by exploring the most beautiful objects of and for desire where integrity, beauty, sexuality and sensuality are at the heart of the creations. Many of the striking objects that are depicted are quite dark, bondage inspired, some surreal, others delicate, there are voluptuous pieces and there are one or two eccentric but never the less brilliant creations. All are united in the strength of their vision, conceptual depth and a high degree of craftsmanship with desire and sexuality at their core. Each curated object inspires the imagination, which is the nourishment and fountain of our desires well-being. DESIGN BEHIND DESIRE also demonstrates how many items and genres from the world of fetish wear and bondage are inspiring and provoking fashion and design in a tangible way. How there is a tactility and truth to materials, which shifts the sexy to profoundly sexual and where desire as both a concept and motivational force becomes more powerful where there is duality or contradictory forces at play. Traversing the pages of DESIGN BEHIND DESIRE the heat rises as we explore desire through the three chapters and phases; Generating, Contemplating and Fulfilling. Hidden within Fulfilling desire we also discover the Cabinet of Desire; a small immersive volume of desirous text where the mind is encouraged to wander and dance.


Design Behind Desire is a gorgeous erotic art book curated by Lisa Z. Morgan, co-creator of the couture lingerie line Strumpet and Pink. Published by Farameh Media, which was founded by Patrice Farameh, the book features designs by high-end fetish & erotic designers, including many of our favourites: Coco de Mer, Fleet Ilya, Betony Vernon & Aoi Kotsuhiroi. Accompanied by literary quotes, poems, interviews & what Interview Magazine calls cruel eroticism , the book is a must-have for all collectors & admirers of erotic art. --Juxtapoz

DESIGN BEHIND DESIRE uncovers the concepts that make up modern-day erotica. In the mix: The Bouroullec's Quilt, The Thing; chair and collages by Surface contributor Bruno Grizzo. --Surface Magazine

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